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  1CNC vertical lathe is a advanced equipment with high performance, wide working processing scope and high production efficiency. They be used for mechanical processing such as rough and finishing machining inside and outside the cylinder, inner and outer conical surface, head face, grooving, arc surface and all kinds of curvilinear surface, thread's etc.

  2 The main shaft of workbench is centered by the high precision and adiustable diametral clearance biserial short cylindrical roller bearing. With the constant current and static pressure rack in axial direction. The workbench has the features of high running accuracy, large carrying capacity and small thermal deformation.

  3 The pedestal, workbench. lathe body and beam are made of ferrosteel with high strength and high abrasive resistance, tempering treatment, eliminate internal stress and deformation.

  4. The guide surfaces of lathe body, beam and ram using accurate grinding, good interface and high precision. Beams with hydraulic two-spot locking, feeding is large, without tremble.

  5.Machine tools feeding is driven by AC servomotor, ball screw drive. The beam and vertical tool posts are covered with sealing shied which make the lathe more safe and easy to operate.

  6.The main shaft of the lathe is driven by AC motor. With the 16 step speed changing mechanism to the main shaft. Achieved the workbench rotate speed range.

  7 Imported or home-made controlling systems can be adopted according to user's needs. Also can additional accessories for electric grinding head.

  Hobbing is a machining process for gear cutting, cutting splines, and cutting sprockets on a hobbing machine, which is a special type of milling machine. The teeth or splines are progressively cut into the workpiece by a series of cuts made by a cutting tool called a hob. quite accurate, thus it is used for a broad range of parts and quantities